• it’s cool, it’s hip

    Make any design by topcoating MagnetPaint

  • practical solutions

    Visual displaying projects. sketches, plans....

  • topcoat it with blackboard- or dry erase paint

    use MagPaint directly on your wall to remember

  • ideal for office environments

    Efficiency redefined

  • a stylish way of being creative

    Simple and beautiful

Magnet Plaster, a Red Dot Award Winner!


MagnetPlaster won the ‘Red Dot Product Design Award 2016’!!
Read more about our winner…


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10 months ago

Zou jij dit durven? Knalroze!
Would you dare? Bright ... See more

11 months ago

It’s raining...love!
Het regent...liefde!

1 year ago
Magpaint Europe

We added new playlists of our instructionvideo's in more languages. Click and see if your language is also included ... See more

1 year ago

Financieel- Inkooptalent gezocht!!
Ben jij, of ken jij het Top Talent waar we naar op zoek zijn? Laat dan alsjeblieft ... See more

1 year ago

Look how creative our product is being used!
Zo creatief kun je onze producten gebruiken!

1 year ago

Because it is MagPaints Birthday today, Rob and Angelique treated colleagues on a nice lunch! And you can't see much of ... See more

1 year ago

We hebben sinds begin 2018 ook een productlijn speciaal voor de professionele gebruiker. Meer informatie hierover kun ... See more

1 year ago

We hebben een winnaar!!! Romee Schouten!! Ze wint een product naar keuze voor de muur!
We have a winner!!! Romee ... See more

1 year ago

Lieve volgers, Dear followers,

Please remember our 'post and win' contest! Post the surface you want to apply with our ... See more

1 year ago

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