Chain Stores

Reliability and profitability.

As a supplier for half of the top 10 chain stores in Europe (and some of the worlds top 5 paint producers), MagPaint Europe has proven to be a trustworthy partner. Besides solid logistics and fast deliveries, MagPaint Europe strives for an optimal margin for retailers.

As a consumer driven company, MagPaint is constantly looking for innovative ideas and products that retailers can benefit from. Since MagPaint buys direct from the source on three continents, pricing is optimal and personalisation often possible.

20- Stores

For chain stores, with up to 20 stores, we have a wide variety of promotional material for Point-Of-Sale use. Most of it free of charge. Boost sales with different types of ?try-before-you-buy? displays and complementary brochures.

20+ Stores

Test our Shop Concept first in one shop before deciding. For free, at no risk.

See it as a gift from MagPaint to you: the complete shop concept with all the magnets, paints and accessories and promotional material. Worth thousands of dollars.
MagPaint is th?t certain of the success of the Shop Concept (and because it has a lot of experience of course).

100+ Stores

Please contact Mrs. Schepers ( at MagPaint Europe to discuss different possibilities for your company.