Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can MagnetPaint be safely applied at home?
    Yes. MagnetPaint is safe for children, is lead-free and complies to the European safety norm EN 71-3 for children?s toys. Read the safety Data Sheet in emergency situations (can be downloaded at the bottom of this page).
  • Can MagnetPaint interfere with (cardiac) pacemakers?
    No. The paint itself is not magnetic, but consists iron particles to attract magnets. Just like a fridge. And is therefor safe to apply.
  • Can MagnetPaint interfere with radio waves.
    Yes. If used from wall to wall, each layer of paint can ?filter out? some radio waves and therefor interfere with reception of, for example, a wireless phone if the transmitter is placed on the other side of the wall. If used at the size of a message board, or similar, no loss of reception should occur.
  • Is MagnetPaint easy to use?
    Yes. MagnetPaint can be used on any smooth surface.The surface should be treated as with any ordinary wall paint.?Important for easy application is to stir properly, so the iron particles are distributed throughout the paint evenly.?The paint has been optimized for professional use, which makes application at home also a whistle.
    Drying time between coats is 4 hours, but 24 hours should be taken into account to finish with a top coat / wallpaper.
  • Does it work with any type of magnet?
    No. To understand why, it is important to know that magnetism is established as a combination of thickness of the paint and the quality/type of magnet used. The paint itself contains obviously less iron particles per cm? then, for instance, a fridge door. This is why the paint needs multiple coats, so iron particles are placed upon each other.
    Stronger magnets now can go more into depth and use also the deeper layered iron particles, which results in a stronger magnetic force.
    This makes it possible to hang a pack of 20 sheets of A4 paper with a single magnet.
    On the other end, a cut out sheet magnet needs only one layer of paint to stay attached to the wall.
  • How much paint do I need?
    1 Liter of MagentPaint is sufficient for 5m? in a single coat. Or 2.5 m? for two coats, et cetera. Apply a minimum of two coats. Three coats are advised. For extra strong magnetism apply a fourth coat for use with Neodym magnets (look like shiny steel magnets).
    Not sure what to do? Apply a few coats on a piece of cardboard and test the magnets first.
    Use all the paint; better some extra force then the risk of unusable paint on the shelf.
  • Can the paint later be removed?
    Yes. There are two possibilities.
    Since the paint itself is quite soft, you can easy sand it off (please protect yourself from dust).
    Apply wallpaper first for later, easy, removal
  • Which colors are available?
    Only one. MagnetPaint is a dark-grey primer, which can be top-coated with any kind of paint in any color. Water based or solvent based. MagnetPaint can also be used behind wallpaper. Please notice that thick wallpaper can be of influence on the magnetic strength.
  • In what volumes?
    MagnetPaint is available in any volume. Our standard volumes are however: 0.5 ? 1.0 ? 2.5 Liters.
    Bulk quantities on request.
  • How about safety issues?
    Please read our Safety Data Sheet which can be downloaded here. To open the file you will need Acrobat Reader.