Magnets, Magnetic Toys


Half the work of magnet(ic) paint is been done by the magnets themselves. Since the magnetic force on magnet(ic) paint is not as strong as the force on a full metal plate (like the door of a fridge), this largely comes down to the quality of the magnets themselves.
Although you can hang a sheet of copy-paper with an ordinary magnet, better quality magnets hold up to 25 sheets per magnet. This is why we also promote the use of these magnets and have them in our collection. And for you as a shop(s) owner it generates substantial extra turnover.

On our own developed packaging the number of sheets are mentioned as a reference for customers. These blisters are well designed: stronger magnets on a hook/shelve in the shop tend to attract one another and end up in a chaotic cluster. These blisters are designed with the magnetic force turned downwards. This makes handling the blisters easy and prevents chaotic shelves.


Magnetic toys

People love to play and communicate through magnetic toys on the fridge. But now also the wall or cupboard with magnet(ic) paint is a growing favourite. Thanks to the bigger surface, a larger collection of magnets and magnetic games come in to focus.

If it?s Tic-Tac-Toe, Chess or a Foam Alphabet, everything is magnetic and can be played on the fridge as well as on a surface painted with Magnetpaint.
Please ask for our Product List for the complete collection of magnets, magnetic games and accessories.


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