Spraying Magnetpaint

How to spray MagnetPaint

We have tested different techniques on spraying MagnetPaint. Here are the results.

MagnetPaint can best be sprayed with an airless machine.

This is a fast and effective method of painting large surfaces in a short time: one coat is sufficient for optimal magnetic strength.

The essence of MagnetPaint is to obtain a certain thickness of the final coat.
Air supported spraying results in thinner coats; so thin that the amount of coats needed for a proper magnetic strength exceeds 10. This is not workable in normal curcomstances.

Therefor airless spraying is to be preferred, since it can be applied in one coat only.

Graco is supplier for spraying machines and tested MagnetPaint to find out what the best configuration was for spraying the product.
The results can be found in the sheet below.

Download sheet here



As you can see, the spraying results in impact craters at a nozzle size of 517.
From an esthetical point of view this should not be – in most cases – a problem, because when the paint is finished off with a latex topcoat, the ‘roughness’ will largely dissapear.




  • Spraying goes fast and effective (no intermediate drying times)
  • One single coat is sufficient
  • Easy to apply extra thickness with the first coat to gain optimal magnetic strength for Neodymium magnets