3500 m? of ‘magnetic’ wall in Berlin

One of our favourite projects was done in Berlin at the offices of one of the most renowned advertising agencies in Germany.

Domaquar?e project Berlin

In their new offices in Domaquar?e, the Berlin Advertising agency Kircher Burkhardt asked itself: how can we visually organise our work-in-progress in an accessible way?

The answer was simple:
Use the entire walls for hanging sketches, photos, designs and notes!

This wish was passed on to Union Investment, the owner of the buidling, who in turn asked the well known Berlin painting company Andres Gr?nberg to make this happen.

The initial idea of the owner was to use metal sheeting inside walls, so magnets could be used on the spots where metal sheets were used.
The CEO of the painting company, mr. Gr?nberg, although had a better idea: why not use every square centimeter of the walls by applying MagnetPaint.
In a very simple and cost-effective way, every surface could be transformed in a magnetic board and since it could be topcoated with ordinary wallpaint, it would be an invisible solution.

Mr. Gr?nberg:
“I had never worked with this material and wanted to test it to find out if the results were as what I hoped for.”
He contacted the Dutch company MagPaint, the international market leader in MagnetPaint, or MagnetFarbe as it is called in Germany.
MagPaint was immediately enthusiastic about this project and guaranteed an optimal result.

Sample material was sent and several tests were done on different surfaces. Also products from competitors were tested for comparison, but it turned out that the MagPaint product was the easiest in applying and resulted also in the strongest magnetic force. Which is quite important when you are planning to hang large-size posters, stack multiple sheets of paper on top of each other, or need to hang heavy cards.

The test-results and the samples instantly convinced the Property Manager Herrn Schumann and the assignment was given to the painting company of Mr. Gr?nberg.

MagPaint Europe bv delivered the paint at the site in Berlin center, where the paint was applied on all four floors with long haired rollers in three coats (4 hours drying time in between) after which it was sanded slightly to get a more smooth finish.
Then glue was applied, wallpaper, a primer and two topcoats of mat latex-paint.
Still the magnetic force was great and the walls looked like ordinary office walls. But now with an extra fuction.

Special compliments were given by the painters for the easy application of the paint as well as the easy cleaning of the material with water and soap.

Now, one year later, all parties are more than satisfied in the Domaquar?e offices with this special ‘magnetic’ surface.
As shown in the photos the walls are used intensively every day.
Hundreds of magnets are used to hang the sketches, photos, magazine cut outs, and designs. Up to 19 sheets of A4 paper sometimes are used with a single magnet.

A succesfull project for all involved!