Garden Architect

At home in design studios

One of the first professional customers of MagPaint was the German garden architect mr. Herbstreit.

He invisioned the possibilities of MagnetPaint for his office and contacted MagPaint.

Instantly we were convinced of his ideas and that MagnetPaint would be the ultimate solution for him.
Because it was the first professional usage of the paint itself, MagPaint advised on the appliciation quite intensively, the finishing and the type of magnets that should be used?(to be frank: we did this, because – at this early stage – we were still learning also about the product and its possibilities).

Nowadays, this approach is not workable anymore, because MagnetPaint has been grown into a dominant worldwide supplier, but we still strive to give the best individual service possible, when necessary.

A ‘Thank you’ to Mr. Herbstreit for this first ever project.

View website Herbstreit here.