Graphic Design Museum

A true ‘attractive’ exhibition

The Graphic Design Museum wanted to have a special and interactive exhibition at the opening of the museum.
What better then to have a exhibition where kids could create their own graphic masterpieces. With the help of magnetic shapes, letters, numbers, et cetera.

The conceptualization and production

A design studio came up with the original idea and after some tests, MagnetPaint was exactly what they were looking for.

Orders were given to cut out all the different shapes in different colours from magnetic foil and a painter started to cover the three walls in the museum with two coats of MagnetPaint.
Also a set of 9 billboards were painted.

The design studio liked the original colour of MagnetPaint so much, that they did not want to cover it up with a topcoat. Only the paint on the billboards were topcoated with a white latex.

You can see a short video on the realisation of the exhibition here:

Alas: the quality of the photos shown are not that great, because they are stills of the video shown above