Joy into childrens hospitals

What better, then to contribute to the happiness of sick children in hospitals.

Creative ‘magnetic’ playwalls where children can – for a moment – forget about their sorrows

The designer duo of Mazout, a Belgian company, contacted MagPaint, the manufacturers of MagnetPaint, if they would be interested in participating in projects that concerned the welfare of sick children in hospitals.

Of course we were and we are still proud of the results.

In cooperation with Mazout MagPaint realized a few playwalls in different designs: from an underwater world to a jungle.

Beautiful designs were transferred to walls and topcoated with a transparent laquer.

Then Mazout came with their wonderful, and sometimes weird, looking magnetic shapes and the games could begin.

One of the designs were applied in a Ronald McDonald house where siblings of the little patients and their parents can stay for one or more nights. Just to be close.

Visit Mazouts website for their wonderful magnets and designs here.