Create ‘magnetic’ walls

MagnetPaint adds magnetic properties to any surface

The idea is so simple: add iron dust to a wallpaint and use magnets all over the painted area.

And because it is an undercoat, you can use any color or shape on top: now you can make message boards in the shape of a banana in the kitchen, a football in the kids room, or – invisible behind white wallpaint – in the conference room.

And if walls are not enough, you can also use it on doors, windows, plastic; just about anything (sometimes a proper primer is advised).

What does it do?

Lots of things…
It makes any surface ‘magnetic’. So you can hang your sketches or photos anywhere with magnets, without using sticky tape or pushpins that can ruin the wall.
Or your children can use it for playing with magnetic figures, magnetic board games or alphabets.
Or you can use the entire wall as a giant planboard.
Or you use it to show your design sneaker collection on magnetic shelves.

You name it….

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Although the magnetic strength is not the same as a full metal surface (like the door of a fridge) the results can be stunning when the right type of magnets are being used : hang up to 20 sheets of A4 copypaper with a single 29mm Neodymium magnet.

Using magnetic foils can be even more stunning: one square meter can hold hundreds of kilogramms under the right conditions, such as a smooth surface and Nedodymium type of magnetic foil

Simple benefits:

Do we need to say more?
Besides maybe, that MagnetPaint from MagPaint:

  • eliminates installation of expensive bulletin or cork boards
  • makes it possible to hang artwork, posters, plans, and drawings with?non-invasive magnets, saving the wear and tear that is normally associated with tape, tacks and glue
  • uses the entire wall for ‘magnetic purposes’
  • makes you think again on the creative possibilities of your walls