Available videos

MagnetPaint in the museum

The Graphic Design Museum wanted to create an interactive exhibition. And they got it.

The idea was that magnetic shapes and letters could be take off the wall (painted with MagnetPaint) by visitors and use them to create their own billboard (painted with magnetPaint).
This short video gives shows the application of the paint and the use of the magnetic shapes and letters.


The best place to show the possibilities of MagnetPaint is in the shop itself.

This video is intended to show at the POS where MagnetPaint of Magpaint can be bought.
In it, different photos on projects are being presented?where the paint has?been?used and by which audiences.
Simpel and effective marketing.

Dancing photos

Photolini invents photoframing 2.0.

Now you can order your photos online, and get them cut in your desired dimensions,?in a collage that you want and with magnets incorporated. So you can hang them directly on any?wall painted with MagnetPaint:
No srews or nails and, once horizontal, always horizontal.
Or rearrange them every hour; it’s up to you!

Enthousiastic client makes promo.

Video of MagnetPaint by PR agency Patrick Schaab.

The agency was relocated to a new historical site in Diesburg Germany and wanted to put the walls into action with MagnetPaint.
Now employers can keep track of eachothers work and make optimal use?of the different office spaces.

As a ‘Thank you!’ Schaab produced this small video with a special role for MagnetPaint.

Spraying MagnetPaint.

Want fast and easy application? Spray!

Apply MagnetPaint in only one coat and have sufficient thickkness for an optimal magnetic strength.
This video shows the use of airless spraying.
The results can vary by using different type of nozzles.