The secrets exposed

Okay, we will tell you some secrets, but not all…

The most important one is the iron powder inside the paint.
It has been treated so it has some advantages over anything comparable in the market today:

The strongest possible magnetic power

The magnetic power of MagnetPaint is unrivaled. To put us ahead of any competition, we have invested heavily (and still do) to deliver the best magnetic results. We also test different brands of similar paints on a regular basis.
For your information: with three coats of Magnetpaint a Neodymium magnet of 29 mm ‘sticks’ 20 sheets of A4 copypaper to the wall. The best competitor reaches only 14 sheets.

No rusting

MagnetPaint of MagPaint does not rust.
“Obvious” you might think, but rusting can occur with other brands and therefor?harm?the reputation?of this type of?product.
Rusting?becomes visible, when a waterbased topcoat is being applied, or if a room – or wall for that matter – is/or gets damp.
Brown spickles will become visible and can turn the wall into a color that was not anticipated.
In an effort to try to prevent the paint from rusting, some brands add hazardous materials like ammonia to their paint.

Non hazardous

We are dedicated to deliver the safest and most environment-friendly product available.

  • That is why it was awarded with the European Safety Norm for childrens toys, the EN71-3.
  • Although Europe has the most strictes rules for painting professionals, working with this product complies easely with all international regulations.
  • MagnetPaint can be applied in the most critical environments: hospitals, schools, day-care, et cetera.
  • Transport is free of ADR (special European regulations for hazardous materials)
  • MagnetPaint contains no (0 gr/L) VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Tweaked for optimal performance

During development of MagnetPaint the proces was constantly monitored by professional painters to ensure easy – and hassle free – application. Special fields of interest were the viscosity of the product along with coat-thickness and splattering of the paint off the paint roller.