Walls with strong magnetism

Discover the many possibilities of MagnetPlaster


reddot_nomineeMagnetPlaster is our premium?quality decorative plaster which walls become strongly magnetic easily and quickly.

With MagnetPlaster you can make your own magnetic board in no time. In every shape?you want! You no longer need nails, screws and tacks!

MagnetPlaster is considerably stronger than our regular MagnetPaint. One layer of MagnetPlaster is stronger than three layers of MagnetPaint. With one neodymium magnet MagnetPlaster can hold up to 28 pages of A4. That makes the decorative plaster particularly suitable for spaces where multiple objects need to be frequently hung up. At work, but also just at home!

Use MagnetPlaster as a base and then paint the wall in any colour and shape. Or use it as ferromagnetic wallpaper glue to attach fibreglass wallpaper, for example. With MagnetPlaster you easily make every wall multifunctional and flexible.

Strong combination

MagnetPlaster can also be combined very well with SketchPaint PRO by MagPaint. Thereby you not only make surfaces strongly magnetic, you also make it writable with whiteboard markers. The creative possibilities are truly endless!

You can write on every surface that you cover with decorative plaster and treat with whiteboard paint, and moreover you can attach all your notes, presentations or schedules on the wall using a pair of magnets. Very clear! You create your own flexible workspace. It is also very useful at home. For yourself and the kids!