Attractive wherever you want

MagnetPlaster is ideal for use in a professional environment due to the strong magnetism. From the office to a playroom at school and from a meeting room to a shop where you want to present shoes; nails, screws and tacks are unnecessary with this decorative plaster. However, MagnetPlaster is also an ideal and safe solution for the home! You only need magnets.

At work

Ideal for presentations, scheduling and overview…

Whether you are an architect, designer, publisher, healthcare professional or retailer: if you want to show or present something, magnetic surfaces are very convenient. Show or organise your projects on the wall. Quickly attach a shelf to the wall on which to showcase a new model of shoe. Quick, easy and accessible to everyone. Let colleagues and employees share their creative ideas and show your customers your latest products. MagnetPlaster makes it possible simply.

At school

Unlimited possibilities for students and teachers…

Need more space to hang student work or to display the teaching material clearly? Then use every part of the wall as you want. Easy to remove or change drawings, posters, papers and schedules…?Combine the decorative plaster with Blackboard Paint or SketchPaint PRO (whiteboard paint) and you have a magnetic blackboard or whiteboard in no time.


Give beautiful things all the space…

Use MagnetPlaster anywhere in the house to hang posters, drawings, photos or a calendar. Paint the MagnetPlaster with a beautiful pattern and your own chosen colour and make your own stylish play wall. Or use it as ferromagnetic wallpaper glue for fibreglass wallpaper, for example. Whatever your taste, with MagnetPlaster as a base every wall will become very attractive!