SketchPaint PRO: top quality for professional use

When absolute quality counts!reddot_nominee

SketchPaint PRO is the revolutionary transparent paint that lets you transform any surface into a super smooth, high quality whiteboard. Better than any existing whiteboard paint whatsoever!


SketchPaint PRO is ideally suited for a professional environment through its hard and remarkably smooth top layer: easy to write on and easy to keep clean. If quality of the final result counts, then SketchPaint PRO is the solution.

With SketchPaint PRO the traditional whiteboard is now really unnecessary. You can now integrate the whiteboard stylishly into any interior with this amazing paint. No more loose whiteboards that get in the way in the office, but a whiteboard painted on (a part of) the wall in any shape you want. Plus it does not matter if it is a concrete, wooden or painted wall; the original appearance is simply maintained. And it is always around when you need it.

Unique to SketchPaint PRO is the composition that ensures a really super smooth surface. As stated, not only particularly good to write on, but also quickly and easily cleaned. Even if the surface has not been cleaned for some time, you can remove the remains of whiteboard markers and colour casts after intensive and prolonged use easily.

Strong combination

SketchPaint PRO can also be combined extremely well with MagnetPlaster by MagPaint. This also makes the whiteboard highly magnetic and thus the possibilities are truly endless! Not only easy to write on, but with the help of a pair of magnets you can easily attach notes, presentations or schedules on it. A multifunctional work space is therefore created in no time. It is also very useful in the home. For yourself and the kids!

SketchPaint PRO is easy to apply and ready for intensive use!