Endless possibilities for every space

SketchPaint PRO is extremely easily applied in any business environment. In the playground, in the office, in shops, at school or in healthcare. SketchPaint PRO is not just a simple solution, it is also the best due to the super smooth and hard top layer!

At work

A whiteboard everywhere you want…

Do not limit yourself to loose whiteboards in the workplace and start to work more practically. Use the entire wall or part of it: whatever you want! Embrace the creativity of your colleagues and increase efficiency. And as soon as the surface is also made highly magnetic by first applying our MagnetPlaster, you will only need a few magnets to use the same wall or cupboard as a notice board. Multifunctional at its best!

At school

Playful learning…

Children love to draw and write. How wonderful is it when they are allowed to do this directly on a wall? SketchPaint PRO lets the students playfully acquaint themselves with spelling, writing, maths and collaboration.

In healthcare

Combine functions, create overviews, slide with options…

Mutual communication is very important in healthcare. Whether it’s about sharing a schedule, information during a meeting or a message for a colleague; communicating is a piece of cake on a wall painted with SketchPaint PRO. And in combination with a bottom layer of MagnetPlaster you can transform the surface into a large and magnetic whiteboard. The possibilities are truly endless with this! Quick and efficient.