Paint your own whiteboard!

Turn any surface into a dry erase board; being a big wall,a door, a cupboard or an old blackboard. You can give way to your thoughts or creative eruptions: organize, visualize, instruct. Combine SketchPaint with MagnetPaint and anything is possible: use magnets on the same surface as where you draw or write.

With ?SketchPaint? there is no longer any need for the traditional whiteboard as the dry erase surface is now stylishly integrated in the space itself. No more whiteboards obstructing your office but simply painted straight onto the wall. And always nearby when you need it. SketchPaint is therefore perfect for stylish use at home, offices, schools; whereever you like to express yourself! Sketchpaint? is perfect to combine with MagnetPaint by MagPaint, use the same surface with magnets and have a true magnetic whiteboard.