State of Art

Swap visuals in a sec!

There’s a new printable foil in town containing iron powder.
Imagine a wall painted with MagnetPaint and this foil: you just have to smack a magnetic sheet in the middle to hold them both together.
Now you can swap visuals as often as you like.
Or remove the magnetic sheets to have an ordinary (untouched) wall.


Driven by old sportscars and fashion an unrivalled brand was created: State of Art.

State of Art is a fashion brand targetting sporty men with a ‘classic’ touch. ‘Classic’ in the sense of ‘classic sportscar’ that is.
Now with (franchiser-) shops all over Europe the company is pushing uniformity and flexability. Especially on the ‘looks’ of the shops.

In came Visual Magnetics, the producers of printable iron foil, with the visuals. Now State of Art had to find a European partner for the magnetic paint.
That was simple, MagPaint is manufacturer with a wide international network of distributors.

The gallery shows the initial try-out at the head office.

Read more on magnetism here.